Monday, October 19, 2009

Are We Standing Watch? & 145/365

A little matter will move a party, but it must be something great that moves a nation.~Thomas Paine (1792)

As I look at the happenings in the political world I often wonder what someone like Thomas Paine would think of what our Republic has become. Would he look at our two party system and frown? Would he look at the partisan divide in the House and Senate that he was willing to die for to help create and look away in disgust? Would he look at We the People and wonder if we were standing watch and fighting to protect the country the he and the others fought a war to help bring into existence? I honestly have no clue what our Founding Fathers would think but I do believe they would not recognize this Republic from the one originally created.

Today We the People are facing crisis after crisis inside the beltway without any seeming end. The Head of the Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), has been under a House ethics investigation for more than 16 months for tax evasion, yet his own party will not demand he step down. So how does that wash with what our Founders desired? I don't think it does, I believe that graft and entitlement have so infused many of those inside the beltway that they believe they are above the law. The truth is if it was anyone else except for a powerful democrat Congressman they would be facing federal indictment and would have had to most likely resign any position they held, yet Rep. Rangel is being given a pass and keeps being re-elected. Are We the People standing watch? Is graft such a normal thing it no longer moves a nation?

The same principle that is being applied to Rep. Rangel seems to apply to any issue that emanates from D.C. these days. The party in power is moving We the People in a direction that is contrary to what our Founders desired, yet are we standing watch? Many in our military are unhappy with their CIC for perceived weakness and indecisiveness, Iran is out of control as is North Korea, We the People are ignored at best and berated/belittled at worst if we dare disagree with those who are in power if we dare disagree, freedom of the Press is now almost dead with the current administration's slamming of outlets like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or even Fox News.

So the question is are We the People standing watch or are we standing by and watching complacently? Thomas Paine made it clear that he and the other founders believed the power lay with We the People, not a political party, hopefully We the People will take to heart the words our founders spoke more than 2 centuries ago.


Today I am thankful:

1. That after weeks of so many changes that today I am back on schedule.

2. That while changes are not easy for me or my children our changes this time are a blessing.

3. That I am learning that God's plans for my life even when I don't see the outcome immediately are indeed more than I could ever hope or imagine.

4. For the amazing opportunity to be on a National Teleconference with other amazing women to encourage women and moms to get involved.

5. For this mighty promise, "He has said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.' Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me."~2 Corinthians 12:9


Alicia said...

My husband and I were talking w/ our kids last night about appreciating what we have NOW, because it's not always going to be like this. The way our government is headed, one day we may have to pack up what we can and head for the hills! To some people, that may sound dramatic, but it is close to reality and some people are oblivious about it. Jesus is coming back soon!!

Tara said...

Thank you for your insight. I think a lot of people are just waiting on his return.

He & Me + 3 said...

So true. We are for sure living in the end times. I am waiting for the trumpet to sound. It is hard to watch what is going on...wanting to make a bigger impact.
Love your number 3 Thankfuls. How often

Mark Wilensky said...

I really appreciate it when parents cite the founders and Mr. Paine in particular. Thank you. I'm a fifth-grade teacher in Colorado, and a crucial part of teaching civics is providing students with our primary sources: the founding documents. This is critical in understanding what “We the People” means. Today, like 230 years ago, those documents instill in students the belief that all voices are important. Every one of our citizens is needed to pursue liberty. Futures do not have to be inevitable and "Little voices" can make dramatic impacts on events. That is Paine's greatest contribution to our country. His pamphlet, Common Sense, spoke to all the voices in the 13 colonies during a time of great indecision. He gave a vast number of citizens a vision of what each could do, 176 days before the Declaration. A belief that power should radiate from the citizens. That message is still foundational for all our students today.

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi Mel,
My sister and I were talking about things today, how worried we are for the America our children and their children will inherit! It frightens me to no end!

Between all the onslaughts against ANYONE who speaks up against what is wrong with government and in particular, this Administration, to Cap and Trade, not to mention this internet "neutrality" scheme, I would be a nervous wreck if it were not for Christ! It breaks my heart to see what our country is becoming, because I know what she was, and what she was intended to be.

lonestar said...

I've been wondering that too, what would the founders think of where this country is today? We have accomplished a lot over the last 200+ years, but yet we find ourselves fighting a similar kind of tyranny in our own gov't that they fought to free us from in the beginning.

I admit I have been feeling a bit in despair lately over the state of things... We the People have spoken loudly, firmly, and in large numbers and yet the administration and Congress continue to willfully ignore us without even the pretense of listening or trying to respond to our concerns. This week's incident with the MSM networks actually defending the 1st amendment by siding with Fox News against the WH actually gives me some hope though... because the gov't is largely dependent on a complicit media to ignore what they're doing, not inform the people and not ask questions in order to achieve their goals. I wonder if Anita Dunn bragging about how they controlled the media actually woke them up and offended them enough to start doing some actual journalism for once. Yet to be seen, but if that happens it would certainly be a step in the right direction.