Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Know Where to Begin

This blog started for me as a way to let folks know what was happening in the political world and there has not been a lack of material. Our federal government is still not doing its job of being a voice of We the People. Sniping, backroom dealing, bribes, blaming the other side, hearing they started it, etc...seem to be a cross between elementary school yard tactics and the mob. The truth is this election year will make a huge difference and will be one of the most if not the most important midterm elections in our nation's history.

The President and company are discovering that while American's are full of ingenuity and determination they are not to be trifled with nor ignored. This is truly in my mind the year of We the People. I am seeing and hearing so many every day folks step up and run for office on every conceivable level and that is phenomenal. The party in power has managed to wake the slumbering masses and galvanize grassroots. Who knew?

From Cap and Trade, to Iran's nuclear shenanigans, to Porkulus 1 and now apparently Porkulus 2, to Health Control, to Weak Foreign Policy, and giving terrorist American civil liberties, and the decision to try someone like KLM on American soil is to most of us a huge slap in the face of We the People. I say let us all keep speaking loud and clear and don't be discouraged. We will survive the antics of our current administration and congress.

On a personal note I have been long absent dealing with a system that does not put the best interest of a child anywhere near the front of the line. My two youngest have for many months needed more help than I could give them as a single parent. The trauma they suffered in their early years not to mention the trauma of their dad leaving us has proven too much for them. The cost of what has happened to my family due to a decision made at the end of 2008 is still reverberating. I believe I have found the programs my children need but the system that helped create the mess has been less than helpful. The time will come when I will let you all know the struggle of the last year plus. But for now I ask for your continued prayers of healing for my children and I. I do know that God's plans are more than I can imagine, but that change and healing come with pain. So I covet your prayers. I don't want to promise that I will blog regularly because I just don't know but my prayer is that I will return to writing regularly I have missed it and all of you.